A Guide to Wearing the Right Jewelry That Suits You

Jewelry and Accessories can make or break your looks. When choosing fashion jewelry to match your outfit, consider the color, scale and style of the piece, minding what occasion you’re going to attend.

Your jewelry should be appropriate for where you are going. If you’re going for work, then this is the time to be more conservative with your accessories. If you’re going to a formal event, consider wearing more fine jewelry and gemstones. If you’re hanging out with friends or a party, then it’s your time to be more creative, playful, and more daring with your look.

Like your clothes, each piece of jewelry should match with your skin tone. You can go for metals and gems that illuminate your natural skin tone. If you have a cool skin tone (having bluish colored veins and have more pink and red undertones), platinum and white gold will look best. If you have a warm skin tone (having greenish colored veins and more yellow undertones), yellow gold and rose gold will look best. No matter your skin tone, diamonds, diamond-like or titanium jewelry will always look nice.

Take your outfit into consideration. If you’re wearing a busy outfit with a loud print, your jewelry should be quieter. If you’re wearing a plain or simple outfit, that’s the time where you can wear more creative luxury jewelry brands to transform your outfit. Remember, jewelry serves as the little extra on your outfit and should never compete with what you are wearing. However, your jewelry can also be used to bring your outfit together. If you’re wearing a black dress with red shoes, you could wear some red jewelry to pull the outfit together.

Mix and match Jewelry. Knowing how to mix and match your jewelry without the worry of an indiscretion has become essential in today’s fashion. One way to match different kinds of jewelry is by playing with size, width and texture. Wear bracelets of different widths or necklace with different lengths and see the amazing result! You can also stack rings on your fingers as well. The real key is to have fun. But still, make sure that the mix matches with the event and your outfit.

The color of your jewelry doesn’t need to be the exact same color as your outfit or the other jewelry that you are wearing. You can wear multiple complimentary or pop colors if your outfit is all neutral colors. If you’re wearing black, white or other neutrals, jewelry in any color will look stylish and coordinated. On the other hand, make sure your fashion accessories don’t clash.

If you’re unsure what colors will look best with your clothing, take a look at a color wheel. Primary and secondary colors that are side by side on the wheel are analogous to each other. They work very well together when they are matched on the same level of lightness and darkness. Just remember to never use more than three colors in your whole outfit.

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