The Development Bottleneck Small Jewelry Companies Might Encounter

Small jewelry companies are always jealous of the popularity of famous jewelry brands such as Tiffany and Cartier; however, small jewelry companies seem to have neglected that it is time, investment, talented employees and perseverance that build the gorgeous and sparkling garment of those famous jewelry brands. The following are several problems these small jewelry companies might encounter.

First, commodity

Nowadays, diamond market projects promising growth but on the contrary gold is gradually returning back the attention it has got. Diamonds now have become the new marketing pitch of jewelry sellers. But as long as a majority of jewelry sellers are concerned, their product developing process is generally flawed to a large degree and the most serious problems are product design and product positioning.

Second, product positioning

Undoubtedly, the product is the soul of the jewelry. No matter the jewelry is positioning at a high, middle or low price, the design of the product should coincide with its positioning. Nevertheless, most of jewelry brands are duplicating the most popular jewelry items of other brands. Although the duplicated product is likely to generate profits under piles and piles of advertisement, the brand will gradually lose its soul overtime if nothing unique and distinctive has been included in the product positioning.

Third, product design

It is widely accepted in the jewelry industry that the design is the soul of the product. Original jewelry design has contributed enormously to enhancing the brand value of the jewelry and cultivating loyal clients. Product design calls for outstanding jewelry designers and in this regard, small jewelry companies should attach their interest in locating qualified designers.

To decide the value of a naked diamond, the most accepted factors to consider are the 4Cs. If no postnatal polish is added to the diamond, the uniqueness and specialty of the diamond will not be fully reflected. To look around, duplication is everywhere. Similar designs are confusing both people’s aesthetic appreciation and their judgment toward authenticity and duplication. Therefore, duplication is not a long-term solution to the development bottleneck small jewelry companies are facing with.

Unaware of brand effect

Small jewelry companies are seldom aware of the brand effect. The company owners’ knowledge toward the popularizing pitches is rather limited. Usually files and exhibition shelves fail to light the development path of the small jewelry companies.

To conclude, it is recommended that small jewelry companies refer to the problems highlighted above and make fully preparations in case their development bottleneck strikes them unguarded. Small jewelry companies should excavate the root cause of their development stagnation, explore potential clients and expand their market share for the purpose of achieving long-term survival and competing with world leading jewelry tycoons as long as their company size grants them the allowance.

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